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Our Vision

Five Points Learning is dedicated to the vision of developing well-rounded students who are equipped to succeed and make a positive impact in our ever changing world. Five basic principles drive the foundation of every program at Five Points Learning. We believe these principles will guide and prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and character they need as they continue their educational journeys and beyond.

Develop Leadership Abilities

Focus on teaching leadership skills and promoting leadership effectiveness and responsibility.

Emphasize Excellence

Create an environment that facilitates excellence in student academic performance and in teaching.

Promote Critical Thinking

Foster an environment that values innovative thought and ideas in addressing the challenges and problems we face today and will see tomorrow.

Serve the Community

Encourage civic service and philanthropy to improve and strengthen surrounding communities.

Advocate Ethical Responsibility

Teach and support ethical standards of behavior that prepare students to successfully embrace the many challenges they will encounter in the future.

Student & Parent Testimonials

We work hard to make a difference in the lives of our students. Every so often, a student or parent will thank us with a letter or note to let us know how much they appreciate us.