Common Core NYS ELA/Math Test Prep Schedule

Group Type
Available Seats
Bay Ridge3-5Math/ELAMs. MaryStandardTue4:00 PM – 5:00 PM2
Bay Ridge3-5Math/ELAMs. BettyStandardFri4:00 PM – 5:00 PM2
Bay Ridge6-8Math/ELAMr. VictorStandardSat10:00 AM – 11:00 AM1
Bay Ridge6-8Math/ELAMr. VictorStandardSat11:00 AM – 12:00 PM2

Flexible Learning Options

Standard Class


Critical Thinking Emphasis
Concept Mastery
Test Strategies
Practice Tests
Expert instructors

Small Group Tutoring

In-Center / Online

4 students or fewer
Critical Thinking Emphasis
Concept Mastery
Test Strategies
Practice Tests
Expert instructors

One-on-One Tutoring

In-Center / Online

1-on-1 Instruction
Flexible Scheduling
Critical Thinking Emphasis
Concept Mastery
Test Strategies
Practice Tests
Expert instructors

The Best Instructors Around

Our instructors possess a unique combination of experience, subject expertise, and the ability to teach. Their dynamic personalities enable them to relate to and bond with students of all ages and grades. Their passion for teaching is demonstrated each and every day through the actions they take as they help their students achieve academic success. Our instructors are the best because they care more and try harder than anyone else.

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Meet the team

We are NYC Education Experts

Based in New York City, we focus our efforts on the greatest city in the world. Our students attend over 100 of the most competitive public and private schools throughout the Big Apple. As such, we have a unique perspective on urban education in New York City. This expertise is critical for our students and families because it enables us to share important information that gives our students a competitive edge.

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Why Five Points Learning is the BEST

Blended Philosophies

Asian inspired emphasis on achievement blended with an American inspired emphasis on individualized learning that is fun and motivating. The core principles we teach our students of hard work, effort, and perseverance are driven by this blended philosophy.

Innovative Teaching

What makes us different is our emphasis on teaching students How to Succeed. We do this by focusing on the small details that seem to have been forgotten, however have been proven to be critical to success not only as students, but also as adults. This focus combined with our use of advanced teaching methods helps our students develop the life skills and critical thinking skills necessary for success.

Unparalleled Service

We try harder than anyone else because, we care more than anyone else. At least that’s what our students and parents tell us. Our willingness to go above and beyond time and time again is demonstrated through our actions each and every day. For us, it really is all about the kids!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Five Points Learning’s instructors certified teachers?

Yes and No. Some of our instructors are certified teachers, however being a certified teacher is not a requirement to join our team. What is required is experience, a passion for teaching, and a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. We interview candidates rigorously and only select those instructors who have shown an extraordinary ability to teach, limitless enthusiasm and passion for education, and content expertise in their academic field. We seek out instructors that have the talent and desire to inspire students to learn and to be the best they can be.

Does Five Points Learning offer an assessment?

Yes we do, but it is not required. In this day and age of testing, testing, and more testing, we do not feel it is necessary nor helpful to subject students, who may or may not like learning or school to begin with, to a four hour comprehensive test will do nothing other than tell us what we already know; that the student has skill gaps and needs help.

There are several problems with these types of tests. First off, cost. These tests can be exorbitantly expensive and some programs require students to take the tests before entering the programs so there is no way to avoid the cost. Given the length of the test and the lack of motivation or enthusiasm for the test by the student, often times, students do not put forth their best efforts and instead complete the test as quickly as possible just to get over with the experience. In our opinion, those results are then flawed because they do not accurately reflect the students true abilities and will inevitably report the students skills as being much worse than they really are.

Instead, we focus on making sure students have a positive attitude towards education, school, and learning. Through “buddy chats”, we first help students understand the importance and value of education. Next we offer a continuous stream of encouragement and positive recognition to help students build confidence and motivation for school and learning. Once we have successfully turned around a students attitude towards learning, we will then talk with the student and suggest ways we can improve “tough areas”. At this point, many of our students enthusiastically begin working on problem areas because they are excited at the opportunity to be best they can be.

As expert educators we are constantly assessing our students in each and every interaction we have with them. This practice combined with the small groups we work in, allows us to quickly and accurately identify weaknesses in a student’s academic foundation. Once we have convinced students that learning can be fun, we can begin the journey to a successful education future.

How are you able to be so inexpensive?

Five Points Learning is inexpensive because we want it that way. We founded this company because we wanted to be accessible by everyone, regardless of income level or socioeconomic status. Our prices are structured so that everyone can benefit from our brand and philosophy of education. We will never turn anyone away. Ever.

In case you’re thinking that our cost and quality of services are somehow proportional, we would like to point out that the high quality of our services and programs can be attested to by the fact that our students come to us from all over NYC; including Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Queens. Our students attend public schools like Mark Twain (IS 239), Christa McAuliffe (IS 187), Stuyvesant, and Brooklyn Tech. They also come to us from elite private schools like Poly Prep and Deerfield Academy.

How are you different from other tutoring programs?

What makes us different is our emphasis on teaching students How to Succeed.

We see education differently from most people. We don’t consider ourselves “just” tutors or instructors because we believe that helping a student reach their full potential requires much more than just teaching; it also requires the guidance and encouragement of a mentor that has the experience, knowledge, and understanding of how to be successful. In essence, we are academic coaches that strive to help our students achieve to the fullest of their respective abilities. We teach. We encourage. We motivate. We inspire. This is what we do.

We’d like to think we are different because we care more than anyone else and prove it not with our words, but instead through our actions every single day.

How much progress do your students make in your SAT classes?

Progress in our program is relative to a student’s initial diagnostic score and their commitment to the course. Commitment here is defined as a student that does not miss any classes and completes all required assignments.

Students that take the diagnostic test and score 1800 or above can expect an average increase of 210 points. Students scoring below 1800 on the diagnostic test can expect an average increase of 342 points.

As a learning center committed to student success, our staff are active in each student’s progress in our programs. When we identify issues with attendance or the completion of assignments, we immediately schedule a meeting with the student and/or family to discuss the causes of these issues and to identify meaningful solutions that can help the student get back on track towards maximizing their score.

How much progress can I expect for my child in regards to school work?

Students participating in the Homework Help program will complete all assignments each and every day with 100% accuracy. Instructors check over each assignment to make sure it has been completed correctly. More than just helping student’s complete assignments however, students will, more importantly, learn and understand the concepts and skills being practiced in their homework. This seems like something that should be obvious, however feedback from our parents regarding other programs tells us that oftentimes learning takes a backseat to just completing the work.

Our use of advanced teaching techniques helps our students to learn their homework material and develop critical thinking skills along the way. Using these techniques in conjunction with our relentless enthusiasm for education and positive encouragement of each student helps our students to evolve into confident independent learners.

Throughout the program, students will also be taught critical study skills that will be important for their future success.

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transform their lives and achieve their dreams.

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